Windows service DQServerService Crashes with Java Exception - Exception parsing state model

Reported for version 8


Windows service DQServerService starts, but stops almost immediately.  The error in the java-stderr.log contains: 

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Exception parsing state model:


The above error message indicates a parsing problem, and will be shown when a workflow generates unparsable XML files.  For example, if there is not enough space to store the created temporary files on disk while running a workflow, an empty file might be created, but will not be written to if there is insufficient space.  To resolve the issue check if there are any empty files (0KB) in workspace[Project]/Files/workflows/resources and remove them.
It is possible to use the Disk Cleanup tool from Windows to remove old and unused temporary files. Additionally, it is good practice to regularly empty the workspace[Project]/Files/workflows/resources folder.
You may also try to use a specific temporary folder located on another hard drive. To achieve this, you can set java runtime parameter to:[D:/Temp/] where [D:/Temp/]is the path of your target temp directory. This parameter must be applied in dqc64.ini or in the onlinectl.bat script.  Additionally, RDM may also store some data in the tomcat/temp folder. When Tomcat is not running, the data stored may be safely deleted as well.