Starting Up the DQServiceServer Stops with an Error

Reported for version 9


After installation of DQC server as a Windows service, the service starts and immediately stops with the error below:

com.ataccama.server.service.utils.ServiceException: Problem starting up the server:
at com.ataccama.server.service.wrapper.ServerWrapper.instanceStart(
at com.ataccama.server.service.wrapper.ServerWrapper.start(
at com.ataccama.server.service.wrapper.ServerWrapper.main(
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: License not verified: License lookup paths were:


The service starts using a system user and this user is not necessary the same user holding a DQC license. You can change the user of the service to be the same as the user in the license file. In Windows, you should go to Services, right click on DQServerService and select Properties. Set user credentials for the service in the Log On tab.