Rdm Importer Step Does Not Work via Https

Reported for version 10


When using Rdm Importer step via https, there is the following error:

[FATAL] Input/output error has occurred: peer not authenticated[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]


This error occurs because of a lower version of JRE (e.g. 1.6 and minor). To overcome the issue, upgrade your JRE to Java 1.7 or higher by following the steps below:

  1. In RDM IDE, select Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JRES and Add... a new JRE. 
  2. Select Standard VM JRE type and click Next >.
  3. To add the new JRE, click on Directory... and choose your Java JRE directory. JRE system libraries will be added automatically. To proceed, click Finish.
  4. Use the checkbox to make the newly added JRE the default one.
  5. Before running the plan, make sure it uses the new JRE, by opening the Run Configuration... 

  6. Click on Apply and Run the plan.