Rdm Extended Reader Step Does Not Return Proper Records when Using Timestamp Column

Reported for version 10


Rdm Extended Reader step does not return proper records when using timestamp column.


The Timestamp field is a mandatory field of Rdm Extended Reader step. It refers to the last update time of the records up to which you want to select them. If you want to limit the range from the lower bound, there is a possibility to use Incremental Timestamp.

Note, that if you want to select a specific record within a specific update time range, e.g. you want to select a record with an update datetime 2016 Sep 6 10:44:05, the timestamps for your record must create the range. For example, you can set Incremental Timestamp to 2016 Sep 6 10:43:05, and Timestamp to 2016 Sep 6 10:45:05. Your expected record has to be within this range, otherwise, the output file will be empty.

However, if you do not want to limit the output records with an upper bound, you can use the function now() as Timestamp, which will select all the records up till now.