Order Change Results in Errors when Testing Component Rules


In 13.3.0 there was an issue when testing component rules. This was caused by DqdCsvWriterTaskBean changing the order of results (the order of the input data was not affected). This means a component will change the order of values when producing results (for example by using RecordDescriptor). 

For example:

1. You create a component rule using a uniqueness component.

2. You select test rule 

3. You enter 1, 1, 2, 2, 3

The expected result would be that 3 is valid and 1 is invalid. Because the order of the results has been switched you will instead see that 1 is valid and 3 is invalid. 


If you need to test component rules in 13.3.0 it will be necessary to manually fix the defective components. This can be done by adding a shadow column with value based on the order and then sorting the results in the end with sort step.