Missing Message Definition Error When Using Validation Service in DQIT

Valid for version 12.0.0+.


When using validation service in DQIT, you get the "Missing message definition" error:


There are two possible causes of this issue, which you can identify based on the error message format.

Define Message Code in IDE

Error message format: Missing message definition: "MESSAGE_CODE"

Issue cause: The message code that is received by the DQIT web application is not defined in the Messages node in the IDE.

Solution: To solve the issue, define the message code according to instructions at DQIT Model Project Overview and Configuration > Messages.

Disable Security for Validation Service

Error message format:Missing message definition: '<xml_fragment>'

Issue cause: The validation service is secured by Keycloak (the XML in error is a part of Keycloak capture portal), but the request (the validation output that the service sends to the web application) is not authenticated.

Solution: Currently, there is no solution, as DQIT is not able to use users tokens for calling the services.

Workaround: Disable security for the specific validation service(s) in the Ataccama server configuration:

  1. Open the Ataccama server configuration file.
  2. Under HTTP Dispatcher, add or update the interceptUrl for the validation service to match the example:

    <interceptUrl pattern="/SERVICE_NAME" access="permitAll"/>
  3. Restart the server.