Error: [WARNING] [EHS:SHORT_LINE] while Profiling data

Reported for version 8


  • WARNING message while profiling data with commas as separators and with commas inside the address fields.


  • WARNING on the ZIP field because it is set as INTEGER, but the data is a mix of numbers and letters.


Regarding profiling:

  • If the Medadata Editor assumes the correct string qualifier, this should not be a concern. Otherwise, set the String Qualifier manually to " and update column names from line 1 in Metadata Editor.

Regarding the warning on ZIP:

  • Setting ZIP for string format is the best solution. It is recommended that all address attributes as strings, as all parsing steps expect strings on the output, so sooner or later you have to convert the integers to strings. Once the string is read as an integer, the input value will miss some information from the input. For example, both 29i and 29W356  will both be interpreted as 29.