Columns of the Online Service Not Visible when Reading Input via Jdbc Reader Step

Reported for version 10


When reading input using Jdbc Reader step, some columns are not visible in the online service.


Make sure that you use Columns of the Jdbc Reader step to read the input data. If you use Shadow Columns for reading, the data columns will not be populated from the database (hence, the values are NULL). Hence, the columns are not visible in the service response. To overcome the issue, remove the Shadow Columns and define them in Columns and in Query String. Query String uses an SQL query to gather input data records from the data source. Restart the service after making the changes to populate the columns with data from the database.

For more information about Jdbc Reader step, see the built-in documentation of your IDE, which you can find under Help > Help Contents.

Shadow Columns are not used for reading input data. However, new data may be added by using them and also expressions are possible to use. Alter Format step may be used to add new columns too. 

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