Cannot refresh the online application file system using command line


You cannot refresh the online application file system using command-line ( ./ commad ) even though you see and can use this function in the admin console.

./ -config /opt/ataccama/server/etc/default.serverConfig refresh
Using java at: java
Using DQC at: ./..
16.06.2014 03:57:32 [INFO] Executing 'refresh' command on localhost:7777
16.06.2014 03:57:33 [FATAL] Unable to find online service component, possibly it is not running


There are, in fact, two options available. The command specified triggers the Refresh File System* function, not the Reload Services** one. This feature is disabled by default. It can be enabled by changing the serverConfig file in  runtime/server/etc/default.serverConfig :

<component class="">

After the change, restart your DQC server. 

The Refresh File System button will appear in the admin console and you will be able use this feature with the initial command.

*The command for Refresh File -config default.serverConfig refresh

**The command for Reload -config default.serverConfig reloadServices

For more information about the Reload Services and Refresh File System, check: OnlineCtl