BatchLoadPlan Execution Fails on Rdm Importer Step

Reported for version 9


When executing a plan in RDM to perform a batch load, the plan fails on Rdm Importer step with the following error message:

[FATAL] 4 errors occurred.[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]
[FATAL] Can't import into 'my_table'.[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]
[FATAL] Can't edit.[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]
[FATAL] Can't delete.[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]
[FATAL] Can't create.[STEP Rdm Importer[Rdm Import]]


The error occurs, because the user, who is importing the data (e.g. admin) does not have proper rights for the table into which the data is imported. When using batchLoadPlan plan, the user who imports the data needs to have permissions for the table and the entity. 

To correct the issue, go to the web application and set the permissions for the entity, table, and columns into which you would like to import the data. Go to Permissions > Roles. In roles, add the user who imports the data. On the right side of your screen, you will see Right to entities table with checkboxes. Check the Create, Modify and Delete boxes for your added user. Afterward, select the particular entity and add permissions to all the columns. Now, your plan should run without errors.

To overcome other issues with Rdm Importer step, make sure you set up all the properties correctly, e.g. Application Url.

Also, if you use regular expressions, check that they begin and end with quotes, for example " [A-Z] [A-Z] ".