Registration and Support Channels

Support Channels

Ataccama Help Center portal contains the following resources: 

  • Documentation Portal: Browse our product documentation. 
  • Helpdesk Portal: A primary channel for reporting bugs and issues. Used to keep track of all of your open issues. 
  • Knowledge Base: Solutions to previously resolved issues and get answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Download Media: Latest supported releases and current product versions. You can also access previous versions of products as needed.
  • Content For You: Information tailored specifically to you and your business — custom plans and guides, relevant presentations, recorded calls between our teams, etc.
  • Community Portal: A forum that you can use to discuss, share your knowledge about and find answers to Ataccama tools-related questions by cooperating with other Ataccama customers. 


To be granted an access to the Help Center and all its resources, register at with your company domain email. 

Authorization on the Registration portal is based on an email domain name. The domain names that your organization provides to us are added to the corresponding LDAP group on our side and every person that has an email address containing one of your organization domain names is automatically granted access to Help Center portal.

The whole process is automated, there is no need to grant access individually for any of your colleagues.