General Terms and Support Eligibility

Knowledge Prerequisites

Administering Ataccama products requires a technical skill set which includes the following:

  • Running SQL commands and installing a database. It is recommended to have a good DBA for database troubleshooting and administration.
  • Administering Windows and/or Linux OS. 
  • Installing and maintaining production web technologies. 
  • Configuring and administering any other third-party software and/or technology in case it is integrated into a solution architecture. 

Ataccama Support Overview

Support is open to system (or solution) administrators and account holders. End users will be redirected to system administrators.

Supported products, as well as supported third-party SW, are version-specific.

Customers are responsible for administering, maintaining, and upgrading their own installations. Ataccama Support provides general guidance on how to do this, but we do not provide step-by-step instructions specific for any possible use case or environment. 

If you require further assistance with the implementation, please consider the following resources:

  • Training sessions
  • Professional services
  • Partners
  • Contact us.

Services Provided by the Support

Ataccama Support provides the following services:

  • Answering questions about Ataccama products, their default features and basic usage. 
  • Providing general guidance on implementation and configuration of Ataccama products.
  • Providing root cause analysis of technical issues that arise during standard usage of Ataccama products, during installation, upgrades and integration of Ataccama products (with each other or with supported third-party SW).
  • Acknowledging bug reports, providing fixes and/or suggesting workarounds. 
  • Receiving product feedback and new feature requests, and escalating them to product management. 

Services Not Provided by the Support

Ataccama Support does not provide the following services:

  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement.
  • End-of-life, beta, release candidate and development releases.
  • Customized versions of Ataccama products (where the original product code has been modified by the customer or a third party).
  • Development questions or custom develoment requests.
  • Third-party application integration or third-party plugins (except supported third-party SW).
  • Support for end users. 
  • Non-English language support.

Paid Services 

The following services are not included in the Ataccama Support, but may be provided as a paid service*:

  • Product training (remote or onsite). 
  • Configuring Ataccama products according to specific technical or business requirements. 
  • Providing step-by-step guidance on implementation or configuration of a particular feature. 
  • Installation and upgrade services. 
  • System and performance tuning.
  • Deployment and capacity planning. 

*done by Ataccama consultants based upon an agreement between the customer and Ataccama. 

Eligibility and Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates for the corresponding software license. Refer to the End User License Agreement for specific terms of the agreement. After the active maintenance period expires, the software continues to function, but you will no longer be able to access support, software updates, or security patches. 

End of Life Policy

Ataccama supports the current major version and the previous two versions.

Support Levels, Service Desk Ticket Priority and Response SLAs

For a complete description of the specific support levels and corresponding response SLAs, please see the Ataccama Software Support Terms and Conditions part of your contract. Terms and conditions may differ according to a chosen support plan. 

Based on the type of the issue encountered and the agreement in your contract, you can choose one of the following ticket categories:

  • Category A (Blocker)*: Production business operations cannot be performed; no workaround exists. Ataccama and the customer are willing to commit full-time resources around the clock to resolve the situation (provided that customer’s support plan includes after-hours coverage).
  • Category B (Critical): Significant aspects of the production operations are affected; temporary workaround exists. Ataccama and the customer are willing to commit full-time resources around the clock to resolve the situation (provided that customer’s support plan includes after-hours coverage).
  • Category C (Major): Some aspects of the business operations are affected. The non-production environment is affected. In the production environment, a reasonable long-term workaround exists.
  • Category D (Minor): The non-production environment is affected. Minor loss of function or usability issue.
  • Category E (Trivial): A cosmetic or documentation issue that has no material impact on current productivity, or a suggestion that would result in a product enhancement. 

*Ataccama Support reserves the right to reclassify any reported incident misclassified as falling into the A (Blocker) category.

Based on the service-level agreement, we provide remote assistance (Helpdesk) and remote web sessions (WebEx, Zoom). Time zones for support are Eastern Time Zone and Central European Time. Other time zones can be negotiated if required.

Fixing Bugs and Providing Patches

  • Ataccama Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting.
  • Patches are only issued for critical bugs for the current and previous two versions.
  • Critical bugs are generally fixed in the next maintenance release.
  • Non-critical bugs are scheduled based on a variety of considerations.
  • Customers are responsible for maintaining their patches during upgrades and server migrations