Creating Support Requests

Step 1 Access the Helpdesk Portal

To access the Ataccama Helpdesk:

  1. Go to or click Create a Ticket on the Help Center homepage.
  2. Log in with the credentials you used to register at

Step 2 Create a Support Request

 To create a request:

  1. Select the request type that best suits your situation.

    Request Type Selection Screen

  2. A screen with request details opens. Fill in the fields and add attachments. See Recommendations for Creating Requests for guidelines on describing your requests.
  3. Click Create. 

    New Support Request Screen

Viewing Your Requests

Click My requests in the top right corner to see your open and closed requests. The number indicates your open issues.

You can search and filter requests by status.

Click on the request to view its details.


My Requests Screen

Possible Actions Inside a Request

After you open the request details, you can comment, add attachments, and invite other participants to track the request.

You can also comment on a request by replying to Helpdesk email notifications.


Request Details Screen

Text Formatting

See Atlassian Documentation for the full notation specification.

Helpdesk Portal Email Integration

Once you submit a ticket, you become a Reporter. You will receive an email every time someone posts a comment to the ticket you created. You can answer the comments by logging in to Helpdesk Portal or by replying to those emails directly.

When answering by email, make sure to keep a number of the ticket (SR-XXXX) in the Subject field. The number serves as a primary key for JIRA and is used to assign the post to the correct ticket.

Helpdesk Permissions and Access Rights

Once you raise a ticket, you can add participants to it by typing their names or email addresses to Request participants field.

Only the added participants have the possibility to view the ticket contents and post answers to it on Helpdesk portal or via email. You can also add participants to any existing ticket later, not only at the moment of raising it.