How to Set Up an MS Access Database Connection

DQC is able to connect to and read data from MS Access databases via a JDBC driver.

Follow the steps below to configure the connectivity driver:

  1. Download the UCanAccess third party JDBC driver.
  2. Extract the archive to a desired location.

  3. Go to Window > Preferences > Ataccama [Product]  > Database.
  4. Click on the Add.. button to add the MS Access JDBC driver.
  5. Click on Add JARs.. and add all .jar files from the UCanAccess driver archive downloaded earlier. 
  6. The driver URL has to include the path of the Access Database File like this: Connection string: jdbc:ucanaccess://C://Documents//MsAccess//Database.accdb
  7. Click OK to finish.
  8. The driver will have a green dot and YES in the Configured column of the table.

Once the driver is configured see the following link to create the database connection. Connecting to a database.