How to Set a Parameter in a Filter in RDM

Reported for version 10

When wishing to use values from one table for filtering a parent table by them in RDM, setting a parameter in a filter provides a solution. To set such parameter, follow the scenario below:

  1. Open RDM IDE and RDM Logical Model of your project.
  2. Double-click on a relation between your child table and your parent table.
  3. Set a filter according to your preferences, for example to $column_from_child_table$ = column_from_parent_tableNote that child table columns must be marked with dollar signs. It is also possible to use a constant in the expression, e.g. 'constant' = column_from_parent_table. Constants must be wrapped in apostrophes. 
  4. Right-click on the project and click Save and Reload Metadata.
  5. Right-click on the App Configuration and Generate... the new configuration files.
  6. Update your configuration files in RDM web application with the zip archive which contains the new configuration which you just created.