How to Pass External Parameters to DQC Plans

Reported for version 10

You can pass parameters to DQC plans using the Virtual Machine options ( JAVA_OPTS ) and the notation -D for parameters when calling for a plan execution, and then accessed on the plan through the built-in function getParameterValue. This notation precedes the name of the variable that will be used internally to get the parameter, e.g., -D[sample_parameter]=[sample_value].

The figure below describes how the parameter will be passed from an execution on the DQC GUI. The dialog is opened by clicking on the drop-down menu of the Run button, and then Run Configurations Runtimes VM arguments.

From the command line, when executing from runtime deployment only, the value must be added to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. From the plan, the value can be accessed through the function getParameterValue with the system property prefix, e.g. getParameterValue("system.sample_parameter"). This is shown below in a Column Assigner step.

How to handle more parameters?

  • Using a Reader step: to read an input file with a parameter.
  • Using a Lookup file: which contains parameters. Lookup file needs to be created before plan execution.