How to Configure the Number and Order of Values Displayed in Profiling Results

Reported for version 9

To configure the number and order of records displayed in profiling results, follow the following steps:

  1. In the Profiling step settings dialog, click on the Normal Layout icon.

  2. Set the Output limit parameter, which specifies, the maximal value of displayed values.
  3. In the top panel of DQC, navigate to Window > Preferences > Ataccama DQC > Profiler.
  4. Set the Read limit (upper/bottom lines) parameter to a value lower or equal to the value set in the Output limit parameter.
  5. In the profiling results, you can sort the values by clicking on the column names.

Note that if you use a lower value of Read limit than the value of Output limit, the Frequency tab breaks the display into two tables with most and least common values. If the Read limit is set to a value greater than Output limit, you will see only one table, which will contain all values.