How to Change Case Sensitivity in RDM Authentication

This functionality is available from version 9.0.4

When authenticating in RDM Web Application through Active Directory, login is not case sensitive. When a user gets rights in RDM system (through roles), login is case sensitive. Is there a way to disable case-sensitive verification?

Disabling case sensitive authentication is available only in versions 9.0.4. and above. The RDM login system, by default, is case sensitive. In order to change the default settings, follow the steps described below:

  1. Backup staticconfig.xml which can be found in [tomcat]/webapps/rdm/WEB-INF
  2. Create a new staticconfig.xml with the following content:
<config usernameCaseInsensitive="true">

3. in web.xml located in [tomcat]/webapps/rdm/WEB-INF uncomment the following lines:

<param-value>[YOUR FOLDER PATH]\staticconfig.xml</param-value>

Please note, instead of [YOUR FOLDER PATH] you need to specify the absolute or relative path for the  staticconfig.xml. When using a relative path, the base is tomcat's bin folder.
4. Restart the Tomcat server