How to Add DB Operations in the Context Menu of the Database Node Explorer

Reported for version 10

DQC can serve as an SQL client, allowing you to inspect the databases via the Databases node in the File Explorer. The connection to the databases will also unfold a list of schemas or users of the database, as well as all tables and views for each schema. DQA also includes an SQL Editor for performing SQL operations and queries over the database.

One of the features that you can take advantage of is the custom DB actions. Right-clicking on any table will reveal a list of custom operations that can be executed (e.g. Drop tableCount, etc.).

You can add new templates based on common operations performed over the tables in the database. This is done as follows:

  1. Open Window > Preferences, then navigate the menus to Ataccama DQC > Database > Table Commands
  2. A dialog will open listing the currently available operations. Click Add to define a new template.
  3. Create the Template expression, using {entity} and <snippet> to specify the current table or columns in the table and a custom SQL snippet to be input, respectively.