Exception While Publishing Data: Issue Type Not Found in DQIT

Reported for version 10

A problem occurs with the DQIT issue importer. A plan is created to import and merge issue and a custom issue type is added as well. When attempting to run the plan, there is the following error:  Exception while publishing data: Issue type custom_type not found.

In order to fix the problem and verify whether everything was configured correctly, follow the steps described below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. When you change the configuration of the model or add a new issue, you need to generate the project files. In order to generate the files, right-click on the project in the IDE and choose Generate.... After generating the files, reload the metadata (right-click on the project > Reload Metadata).
  2. By default, DQIT loads configuration files from [DQIT]\tomcat\webapps\dqit\WEB-INF. You need to specify the path for the configuration files generated for the project in the setup.properties file located in [DQIT]\tomcat\webapps\dqit\WEB-INF\classes

    Specify the following parameter in the setup.properties file:


    Usually, generated configuration files for the project are located in


    Please note, either absolute or relative path is acceptable.

    However, if you prefer the absolute path, each backslash character must be duplicated, for example:

    C:\\[installation folder]\\workspace\\[project name]\\Files\\etc\
  3. After specifying the setup.properties file, restart the Tomcat server.