The Use of the Config.xml File in Workflows

Reported for version 10

How to export connections configuration as a .xml file for triggering workflows? What is the use of config.xml generated by the tool when exporting as XML?

The export functionality in DQC is intended for backup and sharing purposes. It is exporting the configuration for the IDE. Those configuration files are different from the workflow configuration file. In version 9, it was possible to create your own workflow runtime configuration file. However, in version 10 it is not necessary as the standalone workflow uses the same Runtime Configuration file that is used by the online server. Runtime Configuration structure of this version includes resource folder and resources definition used by workflows. For more information about this matter, see the Documentation portal.

In DQD, a workflow configuration is automatically generated during the generation of the model. In version 9, this file can be used instead of the modified exported XML. You need to make sure that the connection is added in DQD prior to the generation of the project.