Reject File in the Text File Reader Step

Reported for version 10

What is the automatically created rejected.txt file for?

The rejected.txt file is used as a debug output for the Text File Reader and Fixed Width File Reader steps in DQC. Once there is an inconsistency between settings of the Reader and the file itself (e.g. there is a different format or data type than expected), the Reader outputs a warning log and writes the problematic row to rejected.txt file. The file is created only in case there is a problem in the input file.  The warnings placed in the rejected.txt file should not be left unintended as its existence means that some records are not read properly or at all.

How to rename the rejected.txt file?

The path and name of the reject file can be changed in Text File Reader and Fixed Width File Reader step under Error Handling Strategy tab. 

For more information, see the integrated context help in the Text File Reader step under Element Error Handling Strategy.

It is not recommended to translate the file name of rejected.txt as some characters are not fully supported.