Record Counter Step Output Not Logged

Reported for version 9

The Record Counter step isn't writing a report file. No error is provided, and the full file path and name are specified.

From the Run Configuration menu, on the launch tab, tick the Enable record counters to enable reports output.

When you want to pass a parameter via command line in server mode, add export JAVA_OPTS="-DenableRecordCounters=true" to <DQC_HOME>/bin/ file.
export JAVA_OPTS="-DenableRecordCounters=true"
"${0%/*}/" com.ataccama.dqc.server.bin.OnlineCtl "$@"

When you are in batch mode and you wish to pass a parameter via command line, add export JAVA_OPTS="-DenableRecordCounters=true" to <DQC_HOME>/bin/ file.
export JAVA_OPTS="-DenableRecordCounters=true"
"${0%/*}/" com.ataccama.dqc.processor.bin.CifProcessor "$@"

Following is the output that is shown when the record counters are enabled:

Output when record counters are enabled...
Using java at: "D:\Products\\jre\bin\java.exe"
Using DQC  at: "D:\Products\\runtime"
10.08.2016 12:59:42 [INFO]     Using following licenses:
10.08.2016 12:59:42 [INFO]       C:\Users\nazariy.labunets\emp_nazariy.labunets_10.plf
10.08.2016 12:59:42 [INFO]     Using DQC configuration file D:\playground\Workflow\component.comp
10.08.2016 12:59:42 [INFO]     Runtime configuration file not supplied.
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [INFO]     DQC engine initialized.
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [INFO]     Creating runtime...
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [INFO]     Starting runtime...
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [INFO]     Running runtime...
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [Record Counter] Processing started.
10.08.2016 12:59:43 [Record Counter] 100000 recs 155039 recs/s
10.08.2016 12:59:44 [Record Counter] 139317 recs 304783 recs/s
10.08.2016 12:59:44 [Record Counter] Processing finished. 179996 recs/s
10.08.2016 12:59:44 [INFO]     Stopping runtime...
10.08.2016 12:59:44 [INFO]     Finished!
10.08.2016 12:59:44 [INFO]     Task completed successfully. Elapsed time: 00:00:01