Necessary Configuration when Migrating to a New Server

Valid for version 8

Which DQD, DQC and DQIT configuration files and settings should be changed when moving the applications and a database to a new server?

When migrating the applications and database to a new server, check the following:

  1. The main configuration for the DQC server is in the serverConfig.xml. The default location is [runtime]/server/etc/default.serverConfig. In this file, you can find database connections and various paths. The majority of these paths should be relative and should not need to be changed, but it's good practice just to check them and make sure they're correct.
  2. The DQD database settings are stored in [tomcat]/webapps/DQD/WEB-INF/dqdappconfig/config.php and in [DQD]/Files/_run/config.xml, where [DQD] is the directory of your DQD project.
  3. As for DQIT, check the [tomcat]/conf/server.xml and look for Resource name="jdbc/AppDS". There may be relevant settings in [DQIT]/Files/etc/serverConfig.xml. If you are using the user management service, additional database settings can be found in [DQIT]/Files/etc/config.xml.
    An important part of the DQIT application are online services. From within your DQIT project, check System Settings in the Model Explorer. There, you can set the address to Validation Services which is the address of your DQC server. Also, please note that Issue Importer and Issue Reader steps contain the address of the DQIT application, so these may need to be configured. Alternatively, if you are moving everything to the same server and the host is set to localhost, they can be left it as-is.
  4. If there are any files in the [tomcat]/conf/Catalina/localhost directory, they may also contain database settings that must be updated.