Listing the Export Plans Along the Tables Used by a Plan

Reported for version 10

Is there a way to list the export plans along the tables used by a plan?

There is no such functionality as exporting plans along the tables used by a plan in our tools. However, since each export and import plan file contains the name of the corresponding table, it is possible to retrieve this information by using a shell script.

Below, find an example template of the shell script that can be used in order to achieve the desired result. Note, that you need to update the script according to your environment.

exportPlanPath=[Your path to exports i.e. /Reference Data Manager/workspace/Files/plans/FTs/exports]
importPlanPath=[Your path to imports i.e. /Reference Data Manager/workspace/Files/plans/FTs/exports]
Plans=`ls ${exportPlanPath}`
Plans=$(echo "$Plans $(ls ${importPlanPath})") 
if [ -e ./list.txt ]
rm -f ./list.txt
for plan in $Plans
Tables=$(cat $plan | grep tablename | grep -Po 'tablename="[A-Z_]*\"')
for table in $Tables
echo -e "plan: $plan \t\t\t\t table: $table" >> list.txt