Default Licenses Folder for Ataccama Products

Reported for version 10

Where should the license keys be placed?

The default folder in Ataccama products for license keys is <installation_folder>\runtime\license_keysPlacing licenses in a different folder require either linking the folder to the default one or changing the path in all relevant configuration files. The configuration files in specific products with a reference to license keys folder are as follow:

DQD Licenses Folder Reference

<DQD-WEBAPP>\WEB-INF\dqd-config.xml where you need to specify the path to your licenses folder: <licenseFolder>path/to/your/license_folder</licenseFolder>

DQIT Licenses Folder Reference

<DQIT-WEBAPP>\WEB-INF\classes\ with a parameter specified: license.folder=${catalina.home}/../runtime/license_keys 

It is recommended to place the licenses to the default directory. Doing so, no change of linking is necessary.